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Beyond the Lens

When you travel, the world becomes a smaller place - when you explore with friends that share a love for landscape cinematography, destinations come to life.


Outdoor filmmaker Jeff Aiello and his Emmy Award-Winning team travel the globe to capture the beauty and diversity of the world we live in with their cameras. But along the way, the unplanned elements of travel also come into focus beyond the lens.


The people, the food, and the unexpected moments a filming a photography-based TV series all become part of each episode, and together, all tell the stories of travel in a fresh, new way.

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About Outside Beyond the Lens

The entry point for every episode of the show is photography - Landscape cinematography to be exact.


Jeff Aiello, David Boomer, Jon Neely, and Zack Allen travel the world to experience and capture the beauty of Earth’s top destinations as well as places that are well off the beaten path.


When you watch the show, we want you to feel like you’re right there with us. This isn’t your typical travelogue show nor is it a "look how adventurous we are" series. The reason we travel is to capture what we see with our cameras. In our own individually unique way.


But a show with just pretty pictures isn’t enough either so we break the fourth wall of filmmaking to reveal how we, as a crew, go through the process and through that journey, we all learn more about the landscapes, the people, the food and how to travel to the places we feature.


The takeaway? We hope you’re inspired to see these locations for yourself one day or at the very least, can vicariously escape with us for another unforgettable journey. 

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Outside Beyond the Lens Croatia FULL EPISODE
Outside Beyond the Lens

Outside Beyond the Lens Croatia FULL EPISODE

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